Pokémon Post Boxes in Yokohama | KANAGAWA

Pokémon Post Boxes in Yokohama

When you are in Japan, there is one thing you can’t miss: Pokémon! With everything starting in 1996, the Pokémon phenomenon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Next to visiting the Pokémon Centers and Stores around the country, I also enjoy collecting the PokéFuta (manhole covers) which are getting more and more, and now there is a new spot in the Kanto region to visit as a Pokémon fan: Pokémon Post Boxes!

Because we are living not too far away from Yokohama, I had to visit the post boxes and surely would like to share photos and information about them with you!

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The Weather Shrine at Koenji Hikawa Jinja | TOKYO

Teruteru Bozu at the Weather Shrine

June is marking the rainy season in Japan which usually is taking place around June in Japan’s Kanto region. Tsuyu (梅雨) as it is called in Japanese, is mostly lasting about three-four weeks, bringing quite unstable weather. Not that it is raining all day, but some days are filled with light rain, some have sudden rain showers and it is changing very sudden, so that you can’t really trust the weather forecast.

Next to umbrellas there are two things popping up during the rainy season in Japan: hydrangea and teruteru bozu. While I really love to see the first ones, I won’t write about the beautiful hydrangea in this article. I want to tell you more about the small rain dolls and the Weather Shrine in Tokyo where you can find a lot of them.

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