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Hello and welcome to my new blog! My name is Claudia, but in the online world I am better known as Yoko. I am already a blogger for many years, but I now decided to make a new start and this is what “Lost in Japan – New Adventures” is about.

I am originally from Germany and lived there all my life before moving to Japan. As a teenager I got in contact with anime and manga, which leaded to an interest in Japanese music and with this Japanese language – and then in Japan as country itself with all the beautiful places, the new cultural aspects and more.

After traveling to Japan twice, I decided to do a Working Holiday year in 2013/14 which made my desire to live in Japan even bigger. In 2016 I married my Japanese husband and moved to Japan. We are living in the Western part of Tokyo and from there I am trying to explore the country more and more. I often visit Japanese castles and shrines and love to see the beautiful nature. For sure, I also want to visit all the 47 prefectures at least once, being at 39 of 47 so far (April 2021).

Even though I started with anime & manga, I am not so interested in this anymore. For sure, I am still into the series I watched in my teenage years, but I don’t know much about the current things. I still love to visit pop up cafes of my favorite animes though.

On this blog, I want to share more about my traveling experiences in Japan, but also give you information about Japanese culture. I want to share events, cafes & restaurants, hotels and other special places with you, same as some stuff out of my daily life in Japan.

So I hope you will enjoy my content here! ♡

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