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Arina Tanemura Cafe - Summer 2021

Just a few months ago, I wrote a short article about the Arina Tanemura Café which took place in spring. And now it is time for the summer version! Because filming inside the café was not allowed such as last time, I only can show you the café with photos again.

The Arina Tanemura PopUp Café is taking place from 28th July until 23rd August 2021. After the girls have been in focus in spring, now it is the turn for the male characters. Because it is a collaboration with Animate, you can find it at Animate Cafè Ikebukuro No. 3, which is located right next to the main Animate shop. This time, there is also another cafe taking place in Nagoya during the same period.

For the first days after opening, such as for weekends and public holidays, you have to make a reservation beforehand. This is working via a lottery and I actually tried several times for the Tokyo location, but never got a spot… On weekdays however it is easy to enter, because you don’t need a reservation and there are usually not many costumers.

Food and Drinks

Compared to the spring version of the popup cafe, especially the food menu doesn’t have much to offer this time. There are only two savory dishes such as two desserts. However, there are several drinks and some come with a small snack, such as the curry soup & cat bread which is listed as „drink“.

I decided to try the tiramisu dessert, because it looked quite nice. Luckily the coffee taste was not too strong (because I don’t like coffee at all). The covering with oreo cookies was yummy and all in all it was a nice small snack.

I ordered it together with Sindbad‘s drink, made with calpis, blue syrup and ramune ice – nicely refreshing on a hot summer day.

Goods of the Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe

Surely the Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe offers new merchandise again. After it has been all about the heroines last time, you now can also get nine different heros from Tanemura’s manga stories. This included different acrylstands priced 1.600 yen each. They also have random acrylplate keyholders and weddings cards with different designs. Furthermore you can get all the items from the earlier cafe, too. However, by now a lot of goods are sold out and you have to make an reservation to pick them up later, if you really want to get them.

I was a bit sad this time about the menu, but at least I saved some money through this. I liked the design with the male characters on big panels around the room and I am now wondering if there will be another popup cafe with Arina Tanemura coming anytime soon.

More? ⇒ Official website of the animate cafe collaboration

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