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When I was a teenager back in Germany I read manga and watched anime a lot, which woke up my interest in Japan. One of the manga & anime I really liked was Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne by Arina Tanemura. I was so happy when the 20th Anniversary exhibition took place in 2017 and now her works were back at a time-limited cafe!

The Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe has taken place at Animate Cafe Ikebukuro No. 2 and was running from 21st April to 24 May 2021. It had the subtitle Precious Wedding Party and was the second cafe of this type. For weekends and public holidays you needed to make a reservation beforehand via the official website, but on normal weekdays you could simply visit it. In case there were too many costumers waiting numbers will be handed out. We went on a weekday and it was not crowded at all.

Food & Drink Menu

The cafe offered a variety of savory and sweet dishes, themed for the different female main characters of Arina Tanemura’s stories. For savory dishes they went with gratan, mini burgers, curry, omelet-rice and fish – each priced 1.000 yen. For desserts you could choose between three different plates for 850 each. They also offered eight different drinks for 600 yen each. Ordering was done via a tablet at the table.

Looking on the prices, for me, I would say that these were quite reasonable for a themed cafe (I’m used to way more). The plates were not too big, so you could try different dishes, and everything was delicious. Going with each order from the menu, you received one of eleven different coasters. Perfect for me who loves collecting such coasters.

We tried two of the drinks and three different dishes.

I didn’t eat lunch on that day and went with the mini burgers and baked potatoes as main dish. For dessert I got the pretty sakura plate. My friend had the cute curry with heart-shaped rice and chocolate to use as topping.

The drinks had very nice designs and it was difficult to choose. Especially the hot chocolate with the cat on top was cute. Because my friend ordered this, I went with the lovely Merry-go-round drink which was a lemon soda with jelly and cream topping.

Goods of the Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe

As typical for a themed cafe they also offered goods at the Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe. This included 11 different acrylstands of the female main characters priced 1.600 yen each. They also had random acrylplate keyholders and clear portraits with different designs.

Furthermore you could find some of the old goods there from former cafes or exhibitions. I got weak for these and bought some goods from the 20th Anniversary.

The Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe was really nice and I enjoyed my visit there. After this cafe covered the female main characters there will be another Arina Tanemura PopUp Cafe coming this summer featuring the male characters. I’m looking forward to going there, too.

More?Official website of the animate cafe collaboration

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